Heavy Hitters Ultra Gummies


  • 20mg THC per piece (100mg THC total)
  • Segmented into two servings per piece
  • Gluten free, dairy free, nut free



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Heavy Hitters Ultra Gummies return with improved flavors and an even better high. We’ve blended the same premium cannabis oil found in our vape cartridges with delicious fruit flavors, resulting in the best tasting and heaviest hitting gummies on the market.

At a powerful 20mg per piece, experience euphoria in the most delicious way possible. Combining only Ultra Pure and Ultra Potent concentrates with custom terpene blends to deliver a powerful, targeted experience, These gummies are the heaviest hitting gummies on the market. Crafted with delicious real fruit flavors and perfect texture to make your mouth water. Packing a sweet, perfectly ripe watermelon flavor accompanied by heavy, Indica effects, this gummy is the perfect choice for a day of extreme relaxation or a great night’s rest. 20MG THC / Piece Gluten Free | Dairy Free | Nut Free


With these Gummies, you can enjoy the tangy and citrusy flavor of a candied fruity flavors as it delivers the perfect balance of a stimulating and euphoric head high accompanied by calming, functional body effect. You can ORDER this on our shop.



Atomic Apple, Strawberry Storm, Wild Watermelon, Holy Grape, Blueberry Blitz, Blood Orange, Blueberry Dream, Pineapple Punch, Lights Out, Lights On